OECD Review of Agricultural Policies: China 2005

image of OECD Review of Agricultural Policies: China 2005

This book presents a comprehensive overview and assessment of China's agricultural policies combined with OECD estimates of the level of support provided to the Chinese farm sector. It also examines such issues as welfare impacts of liberalisation; Chinese agricultural commodity markets; grain stock estimates; labour mobility and rural poverty in China; and food safety.



Policy Impacts

This chapter reports analysis on the potential economic impact of reducing China’s agricultural trade protection and domestic support and comparing the effects with those that might accompany widespread reductions in support afforded farmers in OECD countries. Section 3.1 investigates, with the use of an economy-wide general equilibrium model (GTAPEM), the source and size of the sectoral and economy-wide gains to China from multilateral trade liberalisation.


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