OECD-FAO Agricultural Outlook 2017-2026

image of OECD-FAO Agricultural Outlook 2017-2026

Over the ten-year Outlook period, agricultural markets are projected to remain weak, with growth in China weakening and biofuel policies having less impact on markets than in the past. Future growth in crop production will be attained mostly by increasing yields, and growth in meat and dairy production from both higher animal stocks and improved yields. Agricultural trade is expected to grow more slowly, but remain less sensitive to weak economic conditions than other sectors. These demand, supply and trade pressures are all evident in Southeast Asia, where this report identifies scope to improve agricultural productivity sustainably. Real prices are expected to remain flat or decline for most commodities.

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Southeast Asia: Prospects and challenges

This chapter reviews the prospects and challenges facing the agricultural sector in Southeast Asia over the next decade. In line with the focus of policy makers, agriculture and fisheries issues are primarily explored with reference to trade and food security. This chapter first considers the historical performance and current state of agriculture and fisheries in Southeast Asia before presenting the market and food security projections for the medium-term (2017-26). It concludes with a discussion of the challenges and uncertainties that may influence the medium-term projections presented. Countries in Southeast Asia have experienced significant improvements in their levels of development along with strong growth in their agriculture and fishery sectors. The outlook for agriculture is broadly positive, but could be further improved by consistent policies and strategic investments, particularly in rural infrastructure.

English Also available in: Spanish, French


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