OECD-FAO Agricultural Outlook 2011

image of OECD-FAO Agricultural Outlook 2011

This is the seventeenth edition of the Agricultural Outlook and the seventh co-edition prepared jointly with the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO). This report provides world market trends for biofuels, cereals, oilseeds, sugar, meats, dairy products and, for the first time, the fisheries sector over the 2011-20 period. This edition also includes an evaluation of recent developments, key issues and uncertainties in those commodity markets. The projections are the result of close co-operation with national experts in OECD and non-OECD countries. A jointly developed modelling system, based on the OECD’s AGLINK and on the FAO’s COSIMO models, facilitates consistency in the projections.  In the context of the G20 discussions on agriculture, a section of the report is devoted this year to the policy responses to price volatility.

English Also available in: French, Spanish


This Agricultural Outlook is jointly prepared by the OECD and FAO Secretariats. At the OECD, the Outlook report was authored by the Agro-Food Trade and Markets Division of the Trade and Agriculture Directorate: Wayne Jones (Division Head), Céline Giner (Outlook and baseline co-ordinator), Pavel Vavra, Linda Fulponi, Ignacio Pérez Domínguez, Garry Smith, Gregoire Tallard and Shinichi Taya. Additional Directorate contributions were provided by Claire Jolly (International Futures Programme), Kevin Parris (Agricultural Policies and Environment Division) and Carl-Christian Schmidt (Fisheries Policies Division). The OECD Secretariat is grateful for the contributions provided by Pierre Charlebois, Brooke Fridfinnson and Nathalie Hamman of Agriculture and Agri Food Canada and Stefan Tangermann of the University of Gottingen. Research and statistical assistance were provided by Armelle Elasri, Alexis Fournier, Gaëlle Gouarin and Claude Nenert. Meetings organisation and document preparation were provided by Christine Cameron. Technical assistance in the preparation of the Outlook database was provided by Frano Ilicic. Many other colleagues in the OECD Secretariat and member country delegations furnished useful comments on earlier drafts of the report.

English Also available in: Spanish, French

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