Multifunctionality in Agriculture

Evaluating the degree of jointness, policy implications

image of Multifunctionality in Agriculture

These proceedings examine the nature and strength of jointness between agricultural commodity production and non-commodity outputs from the perspective of three areas important to the agricultural sector: rural development, environmental externalities and food security. This workshop also examined whether the relationships among these non-commodity outputs were complementary or competing. Finally, the policy implications that could be derived from the findings of this workshop were also a key element in the discussions and are summarised in the Rapporteur’s summary.



The Relationship Between Domestic Agricultural Production and Food Security

a Japanese Case

The modern concept of food security is not an old one, being first used in a series of FAO conferences held in the 1970s. In Japan, it first appeared in a policy document of 1980 when policymakers began to worry about the future of world food supply and Japanese agriculture. Since then, the idea has occupied a major position in Japanese agricultural and related trade policies. It has often been used as a rationalization to protect Japanese domestic agricultural production, which has been challenged by cheaper imports resulting from trade liberalization policies.


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