Liberalising Fisheries Markets

Scope and Effects

image of Liberalising Fisheries Markets

This publication reviews the significant changes that have taken place in the world fisheries sector and provides an in-depth analysis of the prospects for and potential effects of further market liberalisation in the sector. It also contains an inventory of market measures and policies in place in OECD countries. A principal outcome of the study is that there is room for further market liberalisation in the trade in fish and fish products.

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Preliminary Assessment

This chapter seeks to assess the extent of use of market intervention policies among OECD countries and identifies key issues arising from such policy interventions in the fisheries sector. The purpose of the chapter is to provide readers with higher levels of transparency on policies relating to tariff and non-tariff measures, government financial transfers, and other measures (technical import requirements, sanitary and hygiene requirements, access to ports, service and investment restrictions) as well as an overview of their application and their relative importance for fisheries markets. The information is primarily based on input from OECD countries...

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