Liberalising Fisheries Markets

Scope and Effects

image of Liberalising Fisheries Markets

This publication reviews the significant changes that have taken place in the world fisheries sector and provides an in-depth analysis of the prospects for and potential effects of further market liberalisation in the sector. It also contains an inventory of market measures and policies in place in OECD countries. A principal outcome of the study is that there is room for further market liberalisation in the trade in fish and fish products.

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Markets and Resource Trends

This chapter examines major market and resource trends of some species selected for their relative importance in international trade and their importance for OECD countries. The species and products covered in this chapter are groundfish (cod, hake, haddock, Alaska pollock, orange roughy and hoki), tuna, small pelagic fish (herring, mackerel, and sardine/pilchard), salmon, shrimp, cephalopods (octopus, squid and cuttlefish), fishmeal and oil. The chapter also identifies major producing countries, trade flows, changes of processing forms and final consumption. The analysis covers both OECD countries and important non- OECD ones...

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