Liberalising Fisheries Markets

Scope and Effects

image of Liberalising Fisheries Markets

This publication reviews the significant changes that have taken place in the world fisheries sector and provides an in-depth analysis of the prospects for and potential effects of further market liberalisation in the sector. It also contains an inventory of market measures and policies in place in OECD countries. A principal outcome of the study is that there is room for further market liberalisation in the trade in fish and fish products.

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Analytical Framework

This chapter consists of three major sections that contributes to the development of a theoretical framework for understanding the linkages between market liberalisation and its effects on markets and resources. The first explores the possibilities for supply responses due to market liberalisation in the following specific areas i.e. aquaculture, high seas fisheries, fisheries operating in third countries under bilateral access agreements and under-exploited fisheries with development potential. Empirical evidence as to the possibility for a supply response is provided. The second section examines effects of liberalising trade in fish, fishing services and investment in fishing vessels. It offers the crucial insights that the direction and magnitude of trade, and resource impacts, from policy changes will be determined by the possibility of supply responses in the sector. The last section discusses the effect of various trade and industry support measures on the supply of fish under specific regimes i.e. (i) aquaculture, (ii) shared stocks and high seas fisheries, (iii) fisheries under bilateral agreements, (iv) under-exploited fisheries and (v) multi-species fisheries. The key outcome of this section is the finding that the effects of market liberalisation in capture fisheries is a product of the level of stock exploitation combined with the fisheries management system...

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