Issues in Agricultural Trade Policy

Proceedings of the 2014 OECD Global Forum on Agriculture

image of Issues in Agricultural Trade Policy

This book brings together a collection of papers prepared for the Global Forum on Agriculture that took place at the OECD in December 2014. It reviews current knowledge about agricultural policy and agricultural trade policy settings, and questions its pertinence in light of the profound market and structural changes that have been taking place in the global agro-food sector in recent decades. It aims to inform and assist policy-makers and negotiators as they seek to overcome the problems that have made the agricultural pillar of the Doha Agenda trade negotiations particularly difficult. The data and analysis presented cover OECD countries and major G20 and emerging economies that account for the great bulk of global food production, consumption and trade.



Review of the performance and impacts of recent stockholding policies

This chapter reviews the literature on the recent performance of stockholding policies that influence prices. The first section provides definitions of the different types of stock, according to their primary purpose, focusing especially on buffer stocks and social safety net stocks. The next section identifies which variables will be used to examine the performance of these two types of stocks and addresses some of the general issues that are known to influence their performance. Then, the effectiveness of buffer stocks and social safety net stocks is reviewed using recent country case experiences. The fourth section describes the distributional and fiscal impacts of these types of stocks, as well as their effect on the private sector and international spillovers. The last section concludes.


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