Innovation, Agricultural Productivity and Sustainability in the United States

image of Innovation, Agricultural Productivity and Sustainability in the United States

The US food and agriculture sector is innovative, competitive and export-oriented. Changes in national and global demand offer further opportunities for US agri-food products, although climate change and other resource constraints could create additional challenges, in particular in some regions. Maintaining high productivity growth, while improving the sustainable use of resources will require further innovation. In a policy environment generally favourable to investment  and innovation, the strong US agricultural innovation system is expected to continue to create innovations that will be widely adopted, to the extent that these can be widely accepted.




The US agricultural innovation system

This chapter describes the US Agricultural Innovation System in relation with the general innovation system, outlining how it adjusted to changes in the global science landscape. It presents main actors and their roles in the system, and provides an overview of governance mechanisms. It also describes main trends in public and private investments in R&D, and discusses complementarities and changes in funding mechanisms. It provides an overview of policy incentives for fostering innovation, outlining the role of farm extension, Intellectual property rights, tax incentives and public-private partnerships, and reports evidence on R&D outputs and impacts, as well as examples of adoption of innovation. Finally, the role of US agricultural science in international co-operation is discussed.



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