Innovation, Agricultural Productivity and Sustainability in the Netherlands

image of Innovation, Agricultural Productivity and Sustainability in the Netherlands

The Dutch food, agriculture and horticulture sector is innovative and export oriented, with high value-added along the food chain and significant world export shares for many products. Continuous adoption of innovation has permitted to reach high levels of productivity and sustained productivity growth, in particular at the farm level, in a context of increasing environmental regulatory constraints. The challenge is whether marginal improvements in current technologies and know-how will be enough to pursue current rates of productivity growth – sustainably – and whether the innovation system will be able to generate the new ideas that are needed to face future challenges, including those linked to climate change.



The Dutch domestic and trade-related agricultural policy

This chapter provides an overview of the framework for agricultural policies, which is the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP), the main instruments and options at the EU level, the recent CAP reform for 2014-20, and its implementation in the Netherlands. It also refers to the provision of general services supported by the government. It finally discusses policy impact on innovation for productivity and sustainability.


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