Innovation, Agricultural Productivity and Sustainability in Japan

image of Innovation, Agricultural Productivity and Sustainability in Japan

In Japan, agriculture has been treated differently from other parts of the national economy. However, policy needs to evolve with new agricultural structures and the global trend towards more integrated value chains, enabling innovation and entrepreneurship in agriculture, and imposing a greater environmental responsibility on producers. Modern agriculture is a technology- and data-intensive industry, and Japan is well-positioned to introduce its competitive technology and skills to agriculture through building more collaborative agricultural innovation system.


Agricultural policy environment in Japan

Strengthening the sector’s capacity to innovate and improving environmental performance of agriculture will require the agricultural policy environment to be more conducive to innovation and entrepreneurship, as well as more coherent with sustainability policy objectives. The evolution of Japan’s agricultural structure and the global trend to more integrated value chains has diversified the types of policy support demanded by professional farms. This chapter provides an overview of developments in agricultural policies and discusses the likely impact of agricultural policy measures on structural changes, environmental performance, and innovation in this sector.



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