Innovation, Agricultural Productivity and Sustainability in Canada

image of Innovation, Agricultural Productivity and Sustainability in Canada

The Canadian food and agriculture sector is for the most part competitive and export-oriented: although challenges and opportunities vary significantly between regions, primary agriculture benefits from an abundance of natural resources and faces limited environmental constraints. Negative environmental impacts of agriculture relate mainly to local water pollution by agricultural nutrients. Productivity growth, resulting from innovation and structural change, has driven production and income growth without significantly increasing pressure on resource use. Nonetheless, the capacity to innovate is crucial to take advantage of the growing and changing demand for food and agricultural products at the global level.

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Capacity building and services for the Canadian food and agriculture system

This chapter outlines the role of infrastructure capacity, skills and education in facilitating innovation in agri-food. It describes the governance of policies to improve rural infrastructure, outlines main regional programmes and reviews briefly the quality and coverage of rural services. It then discusses efforts to respond to skills demand from the agrifood sector through labour, immigration and education policy. It also reports on trends in education expenditure and outlines the performance of education system. Finally, it provides an overview of education levels in agricultural, and enrolment in agricultural programmes, outlining the gap between skills supply and demand in the sector.

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