Green Growth in Fisheries and Aquaculture

image of Green Growth in Fisheries and Aquaculture

This report summarises the current situation in fisheries and aquaculture, observing that in many parts of the world these sectors are at risk and do not reach their full potential. However, the prospects for sustained growth are good if reforms along the lines suggested by the OECD Green Growth Strategy are undertaken. The report emphasises the need for a strong, science-based approach to stock management for resource sustainability, combined with a transparent and reactive policy development cycle to ensure that fisheries deliver maximum possible benefits. The report shows that improved regulation to deal with environmental externalities and space competition is key to unlocking future growth potential of aquaculture.

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Green growth in aquaculture

This chapter identifies the challenges for green growth in aquaculture, the policies that can underpin further sustainable growth in aquaculture, and the factors necessary for successful aquaculture development. The objective is to develop advice and best practices that can inform a roadmap for national aquaculture planning. This report also discusses the effects on competitiveness of incorporating green growth principles into aquaculture policy.

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