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As part of the OECD Green Growth Strategy, this new series aims to provide in-depth reviews of the green growth issues faced by different sectors. The agriculture and fisheries sectors have an important role to play in contributing to greener growth, in particular through facilitating the uptake of green technologies and management practices and reducing waste in the food chain. This will involve a range of policies, including: the reform of environmentally harmful subsidies that distort efficient resource use; freer international trade; shifting towards targeted policies that will support poor and vulnerable farmers; rewarding the provision of ecosystem services; and encouraging R&D, technologies and management practices that improve the productivity of resource use. Framing appropriate “greening” policies is also a major governance issue which requires examining the incentives and disincentives generated by policies, as well as the regulatory and institutional framework more broadly.


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This report is part of the OECD Green Growth Studies series. The OECD’s synthesis report Towards Green Growth was launched at the OECD Ministerial Council Meeting on 25-26 May 2011. The present report was prepared by Wilfrid Legg, with the assistance of Hsin Huang and input from Carl-Christian Schmidt. Other colleagues at the OECD Secretariat also provided comments on earlier drafts. Françoise Bénicourt, Theresa Poincet, Véronique de Saint-Martin, and Noura Takrouri-Jolly provided secretarial and statistical assistance.

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