Farm Management Practices to Foster Green Growth

image of Farm Management Practices to Foster Green Growth

This report looks at farm management practices with green growth potential, from farmer-led innovations (such as those directly linked to soil and water, Integrated Pest Management, organic farming) to science-led technologies (such as biotechnology and precision agriculture). Global food demand can only be met in a sustainable way if new forms of agricultural production and innovative technologies can be unlocked to increase the productivity, stability, and resilience of production systems with goals beyond just raising yields, including saving water and energy, reducing risk, improving product quality, protecting the environment and climate change mitigation.

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How critical is modern agricultural biotechnology in increasing productivity sustainably?

This chapter provides a succinct synthesis of the potential impacts of agricultural biotechnology on resource productivity and efficiency in OECD countries in comparison with conventional agricultural practices and identifies some of the associated main policy issues. Although this chapter touches on the full range of agricultural biotechnology tools and applications, the main focus is on disease-, insect- and pesticide-resistant and drought-tolerant crops.

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