Evaluation of Agricultural Policy Reforms in Turkey

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Turkey is an important producer and exporter of agricultural commodities on world markets and is estimated to be the world’s 7th-largest agricultural producer. Although the economic importance of agricultural sector relative to the industrial and service sectors has been declining, agriculture still remains a key part of Turkey’s society, employing about one quarter of the workforce and generating most of income and employment in rural areas.

Agricultural policies in Turkey have evolved significantly over time and the new Agricultural Law agreed in 2006 aims to align Turkey’s agricultural policies with those of the European Union. The main purpose of the study is to evaluate recent policy developments in the context of a broader review of policy developments since the implementation of the Agricultural Reform Implementation Project (ARIP) in 2001. This study also discusses several emerging issues and challenges for Turkish agricultural policies, and offers key policy recommendations.

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Evolution of Agricultural Policies in Turkey

This chapter is devoted to the evolution of agricultural policies. Its main objectives are four-fold: first, it presents the main objectives of agricultural policies in Turkey, as set out in the government’s Ninth Development Plan; Agricultural Strategy 2006-10; Agricultural Law (No. 5488); and the programme for harmonisation with EU aquis (Chapter 11). Second, it discusses the institutional framework within which agricultural policy is designed and implemented. The main purpose of this section is to discuss the main actors involved in the agricultural policy-making process, such as ministries, financial institutions, State Economic Enterprises, and the Agricultural Sales Co-operatives and their Unions. Third, the evolution of various types of domestic policies is discussed. The analysis is structured in terms of the policy developments that occurred before, during and after the Agricultural Reform Implementation Project, and includes a discussion of the Agricultural Law, which was implemented in 2006. Agricultural trade policies, including regional agreements, are presented in the final part of the chapter.

English Also available in: French

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