Evaluation of Agri-environmental Policies

Selected Methodological Issues and Case Studies

image of Evaluation of Agri-environmental Policies
Governments are increasingly aware of the importance of monitoring and evaluating their policies − including agri-environmental policies − and are devoting efforts to strengthening their monitoring and evaluation systems and capacities. They aim to improve their performance by establishing evidence-based policy-making, evidence-based management and evidence-based accountability, which will help to improve the design and implementation of policies. Have agri-environmental and agricultural policies, including cross-compliance  and environmental regulations, succeeded in meeting environmental objectives for agriculture in OECD countries (and selected non-OECD countries)? What is the role for governments to encourage farmers to deliver environmental public goods? The report includes a selection papers presented at the OECD Workshop on Evaluation of Agri-environmental Policies, held 20-22 June 2011 in Braunschweig, Germany.


Evaluation of cross compliance in England

This evaluation covers the first four years of the application of cross compliance conditions to all farmer recipients of the Single Farm Payment (SFP) under Pillar 1 of the EU’s Common Agricultural Policy. The main findings are that the compliance level is generally high and that some measures have stimulated significant changes and benefits, although lack of additionality was noted for one measure. The lessons learnt include the need for farmers to be convinced of the rationale for and the public good benefits of certain measures, greater clarity in formulating requirements, more help to farmers with some record-keeping tasks, more care to avoid potential overlaps with Pillar 2 measures, and a separate inspection process, outside the mandatory 1% inspection monitoring fraction, for reported breaches of standards.


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