Evaluation of Agri-environmental Policies

Selected Methodological Issues and Case Studies

image of Evaluation of Agri-environmental Policies
Governments are increasingly aware of the importance of monitoring and evaluating their policies − including agri-environmental policies − and are devoting efforts to strengthening their monitoring and evaluation systems and capacities. They aim to improve their performance by establishing evidence-based policy-making, evidence-based management and evidence-based accountability, which will help to improve the design and implementation of policies. Have agri-environmental and agricultural policies, including cross-compliance  and environmental regulations, succeeded in meeting environmental objectives for agriculture in OECD countries (and selected non-OECD countries)? What is the role for governments to encourage farmers to deliver environmental public goods? The report includes a selection papers presented at the OECD Workshop on Evaluation of Agri-environmental Policies, held 20-22 June 2011 in Braunschweig, Germany.



A policy evaluation of Environmentally Friendly Direct Payment Programme in Korea

Korea’s Environmentally Friendly Direct Payment Programme (EFDPP) provides an incentive and transitional support for farmers who switch to environmentally friendly farming methods. As such, it has made a positive contribution towards preserving the environment in Korea. However, as payments to individual farms cease after three years, it does not provide a permanent on-going reward for the greater provision of agri-environmental public goods once the switch is complete. This chapter reviews the background and objectives of the EFDPP, and its impacts. Since its introduction in 1999, farmers and policy administrators surveyed have evaluated it highly as a programme for promoting environmentally friendly farming. The analysis is then used as a basis for suggesting improvements in the current EFDPP.


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