Environmentally Harmful Subsidies

Challenges for Reform

image of Environmentally Harmful Subsidies

Subsidies are pervasive throughout OECD countries and much of this support is potentially harmful environmentally. This report presents sectoral analyses on agriculture, fisheries, water, energy and transport, proposing a checklist approach to identifying and assessing environmentally harmful subsidies. It also identifies the key tensions and conflicts that are likely to influence subsidy policy making. The book concludes with a discussion of politically feasible subsidy reform strategies.



Synthesis Report on Environmentally Harmful Subsidies

This synthesis report provides an extended summary of the findings of the horizontal project on environmentally harmful subsidies. It addresses the definition of subsidies and presents a checklist approach to identifying when the removal of subsidies is likely to have a beneficial effect on the environment. The report then presents the key findings from the case studies conducted as part of the project. The sectors examined were agriculture, fisheries, transport, energy and water. The range of issues involved in the reform of environmentally harmful subsidies is discussed in the last part of the report, focusing on the political economy of subsidy policy reform.


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