Environment, Water Resources and Agricultural Policies

Lessons from China and OECD Countries

image of Environment, Water Resources and Agricultural Policies

China's endowment of water resources is extremely low, poorly distributed, and increasingly polluted.  With agriculture being one of the main consumers of water, China's future development depends on initiatives that will raise the efficiency and efficacy of water use.  These workshop proceedings examine the current situation in China, look at what is being done in OECD countries to manage water resources, and suggest policy options for China.



Effects of Integrated Ecosystem Management on Land Degradation Control and Poverty Reduction

This paper focuses on a major concern that not only applies to China, but applies universally; namely how to achieve long term ecological improvement whilst addressing the problem of meeting short term needs of rural livelihoods. In the context of the People’s Republic of China (PRC), Integrated Ecosystem Management requires: (i) cross sectoral planning; (ii) building human capital; (iii) protecting land users legal rights; (iv) improving policies for poverty reduction; and (v) promoting locally appropriate land management technologies.


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