Patent applications by patent office

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This dataset provides the number of inventions that seek patent protection through national, regional or international routes (equivalents of the priority application, pertaining to the same simple patent family) in a given jurisdiction. It shows the extent to which firms and individuals seek to "protect" the relevant markets for their inventions (including both domestic and foreign inventions). The indicator is disaggregated by:

  • Patent office: integer counts of patent applications deposited in different geographic jurisdictions (national and regional application authorities);
  • Coverage: proportion of months in a year with at least one patent document deposited at the patent office. It allows displaying statistics based on all available data ("full dataset, with no restriction on coverage") or only for offices with data availability above a certain threshold (90%) in a given year ("conservative coverage"). While for most OECD countries data availability is complete, this distinction might be important particularly for some non-OECD countries. The geographical scope of protection reflects the market coverage of an invention: the higher the number of countries in which protection has been sought, the greater the potential for commercialisation and profit.
  • Technology domain: Harvesting technology / Aquaculture technology / New products and markets

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