OECD-FAO Agricultural Outlook: Policy parameters (Edition 2007)

This dataset provides statistics on agricultural policy parameters and projections for international trade in terms of commodity tariffs, subsidies, quotas and other international regulatory standards. The source for tariffs and Tariff Rate Quotas (except for Russia and sugar) is AMAD (Agricultural Market Access Database). The tariff and TRQ data are based on Most Favoured Nation rates scheduled with the WTO and exclude those under preferential or regional agreements, which may be substantially different.The data coverage of this table in terms of statistics and projections comprises the years 1970 to 2016.

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Keywords: subsidies, price, export, sugar, tariffs, agricultural outlook, projections, poultry, policy parameter, quota, international standards, oilseeds, statistics, cereals, red meats, dairy, international trade, trade agreements