Patents in fisheries-related technologies: Invention patents by inventor country (Edition 2019)

This dataset provides the number of inventions (simple patent families) developed by country's inventors, independent of the jurisdictions where patent protection is sought (i.e. all known patent families worldwide are considered). The indicator is disaggregated by:

  • Inventor country, fractional counted; e.g. for a patent listing inventors from two different countries, each country will obtain a count of 0.5, to avoid double-counting of inventions;
  • Family size: the number of countries where the patent application has been filed. Family size "1 and greater" means that the invention is protected in at least one country and as such this category includes all patents, many of them protecting low-value inventions, for which data are available worldwide. Family size "2 and greater" will count inventions that have sought patent protection in at least two countries, and so on.
  • Technology domain: Harvesting technology / Aquaculture technology / New products and markets