Agricultural support estimates (Edition 2017)

This dataset is a complement to the "Agricultural Policy Monitoring and Evaluation 2017" publication. It shows estimates of agricultural support for OECD countries as well as some non-member economies. These summary tables, designed specifically to monitor and evaluate the level and composition of agricultural policy support, focus on:

- Producer Support Estimate (PSE), representing transfers granted to producers individually;

- General Service Support Estimate (GSSE), representing transfers granted to producers collectively, i.e. services that benefit agriculture but whose initial incidence is not at the level of individual farmers;

- Consumer Support Estimate (CSE), representing transfers granted to consumers. The CSE is almost always negative because transfers from consumers due to market price support policies outweigh any consumption subsidies from taxpayers that might be granted to consumers.

- Total Support Estimate (TSE), representing the sum of the three above-mentioned components, adjusted for double-counting given that some market price transfers are accounted for in both the PSE and CSE.

The value of those transfers are further analyzed by looking at their relative share in agricultural support, in agricultural economy and in the economy as a whole, together with other indicators such as Nominal Assistance Coefficient (NAC) and Nominal Protection Coefficient (NPC).

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Keywords: payments based on output, support based on commodity output, market price support, Estimate of support to agriculture, Nominal Assistance Coefficient, Producer Single Commodity Transfers, Consumer Single Commodity Transfers, payments based on area, Producer Support Estimate, General Services Support Estimate, Total Support Estimate, payments based on input use, animal numbers, Nominal Protection Coefficient, receipts or income, Consumer Support Estimate