Environmental Performance of Agriculture (Edition 2013)

This dataset provides the latest and most comprehensive data across OECD countries on the environmental performance of agriculture since 1985. A set of agri-environmental indicators has been developed through several specific theme-focused workshops involving analysts and scientific experts from OECD countries, complemented with thorough reviews of the literature. Data include figures on crop production, agricultural land area under certified organic farm management, transgenic crops, fertilizers, direct on-farm energy consumption, moderate to severe water erosion risk, CH4 emissions and share of CO2 in total national GHG emissions. The OECD’s Driving Force-State-Response model (DSR) is the organising framework for developing the indicators.

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Keywords: organic farming, methyl bromide, energy consumption, pesticides, land use, agricultural production, biofuels, greenhouse gas, ammonia, soil erosion, transgenic crops, water quality, water resources, biodiversity