Challenges and Risks of Genetically Engineered Organisms

image of Challenges and Risks of Genetically Engineered Organisms

This book discusses the often diverging risks and opportunities associated with genetically engineered organisms in terms of the environment, food safety, and economics and trade. These issues were raised at the OECD Workshop on Challenges and Risks of GMOs - What Risk Analysis is Appropriate? Options for Future Policy Making Towards Integrated Agro-Food Systems, held in Maastricht, Netherlands, in July 2003.  Discussions also covered the relevant WTO Agreements and their relationship with other multilateral accords as well as  regional and national approaches.



Agricultural GMOs

Risk Analysis and Intellectual Property Protection in the USA

The United States has a long history of encouraging innovations requiring intellectual property protection and also of analyzing and managing risks associated with those innovations. Although the history of genetic engineering is relatively recent — just over 30 years—the approach taken by the US is to adapt existing legal and regulatory frameworks to encompass biotechnological innovations. Most other jurisdictions, in contrast, decided to develop new regulatory structures exclusively for biotechnological innovations. As well, the approach of the US is to evaluate the risks associated with the tangible product of biotechnology, while most other nations attempt to evaluate the risks associated with ...


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