An Appraisal of the Chilean Fisheries Sector

image of An Appraisal of the Chilean Fisheries Sector

Chile is one of the major players in the world fishing scene. But during the past fifty years, Chile has had to face issues of over-investment, sharp declines in catch levels, disputes among stakeholders, fleet downsizing, and aquaculture diseases, among others. This report describes the challenging and complex learning process that the Chilean fisheries and aquaculture sector has undergone and the evolution of its policies and management systems. Governance of the industrial, artisanal and aquaculture industries has followed different paths of policy development and current management reflects the particular pressures confronting each segment of the sector. And policy evolution continues, with a range of initiatives underway to meet the current challenges. The Chilean state has been one of the main forces behind these developments, laying the foundation for a strong and robust fisheries and aquaculture sector.

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Institutional framework

Chile has a well established governance system in place for fisheries and aquaculture activities, both in the public and private sectors. In broad terms, the public sector sets the basic rules for these activities as they are undertaken either in public waters or refer to common property renewable resources, while the State represents public interests and views. In turn, the private industry has well organized institutions representing their own interests, while fishers also have strong representative associations that operate on their behalf. These parties, working separately and together, focus on local and international issues, and are responsible for the sustainability of the available natural resources and the environment, social development and maximization of wealth accrued by all parties directly involved, as well as that of society as a whole.

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