Agricultural Policy Monitoring and Evaluation 2019

image of Agricultural Policy Monitoring and Evaluation 2019

This annual report monitors and evaluates agricultural policies spanning all 6 continents, including the 36 OECD countries, the 5 non-OECD EU Member States, and 12 emerging economies. It is a unique source of up-to date estimates of support to agriculture using a comprehensive system of measuring and classifying support to agriculture – the Producer and Consumer Support Estimates (PSEs and CSEs), the General Services Support Estimate (GSSE) and related indicators – which provide insight into the increasingly complex nature of agricultural policy and serve as a basis for OECD’s agricultural policy monitoring and evaluation. Comprehensive country chapters and the Statistical Annex containing detailed background tables with indicators of agricultural support are available in electronic form at the publication website.

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Executive Summary

In 2016-18, the agricultural policies of the 53 countries covered in this report provided a total of USD 705 billion (EUR 620 billion) per year to their agricultural sectors. About three-quarters of this support, USD 528 billion (EUR 465 billion) per year, was transferred to individual producers. At the same time, six countries, in particular Argentina and India, taxed their agricultural producers using measures that depressed the domestic price of some commodities. These implicit taxes amounted to USD 83 billion (EUR 73 billion) per year in 2016-18, which when deducted from the gross positive transfers, resulted in net transfers to agricultural producers of USD 445 billion (EUR 392 billion) per year. While lowering the level of aggregate support, these implicit taxes also increase overall market distortions. This report presents recent policy developments and support estimates across all OECD countries, the European Union and twelve emerging and developing economies, including, for the first time, Argentina and India, thus raising the report’s coverage to almost three-quarters of global agricultural gross value-added.

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