Agricultural Policy Monitoring and Evaluation 2017

image of Agricultural Policy Monitoring and Evaluation 2017

This report is the 30th in the series of OECD reports that monitor and evaluate agricultural policies across countries, and the fifth report to include both OECD countries and a set of emerging economies. It includes countries from all six continents, including the 35 OECD countries and the six non-OECD EU member states, as well as eleven emerging economies: Brazil, the People’s Republic of China, Colombia, Costa Rica, Indonesia, Kazakhstan, the Philippines, Russian Federation, South Africa, Ukraine and Viet Nam. Overall, the 52 countries covered by this report account for about two-thirds of global agricultural value added.

Comprehensive Country Chapters and the Statistical Annex containing detailed background tables with indicators of agricultural support are available in electronic form at http://dx.doi.org/10.1787/agr_pol-2017-en.


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Developments in agricultural policy and support

The key economic and market developments which provide the framework for the implementation of agricultural policies are analysed in the first part of this chapter. Then the developments in the estimated support (using the OECD Producer Support Estimate methodology) are evaluated in terms of its level, composition and changes over time in OECD countries and the emerging economies included in this report. Within this part, highlights of the main recent changes and new initiatives in agricultural policies in 2016-17 in OECD countries and key emerging economies covered in this report are also presented. The chapter also focusesonchanges in the single commodity focus of support as support targeting individual agricultural commodities still represents the largest component of support to farmers. The chapter ends with assessment of support and policy reforms and related recommendations.

English Also available in: French



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