Agricultural Policy Monitoring and Evaluation 2014

OECD Countries

image of Agricultural Policy Monitoring and Evaluation 2014

This edition of Agricultural Policy Monitoring and Evaluation covers OECD member countries and is a unique source of up-to-date estimates of support to agriculture in the OECD area. It is complemented by country profiles on agricultural policy developments in OECD countries.

This book finds that while overall producer support in the OECD area continues to slowly decline, differences in support levels across OECD countries remains large. A number of new country-level frameworks for agricultural policies will become operational in 2014, and multilateral trade negotiations may have future bearing on agricultural trade. In the longer term, an increased focus on innovation will be needed to improve productivity and sustainability.

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Foreword and Acknowledgements

This report Agricultural Policies: Monitoring and Evaluation 2014 – OECD Countries monitors agricultural policy developments in OECD member countries. The OECD uses a comprehensive system for measuring and classifying support to agriculture – the Producer and Consumer Support Estimates and General Services Support Estimates (PSEs, CSEs and GSSEs) and related indicators. They provide insight into the increasingly complex nature of agricultural policy and serve as a basis for OECD’s agricultural policy monitoring and evaluation.

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