Agricultural Policy Monitoring and Evaluation 2012

OECD Countries

image of Agricultural Policy Monitoring and Evaluation 2012

This report on agricultural policies covers OECD member countries (including the new members who joined during 2010 – Chile, Estonia, Israel and Slovenia). This edition shows that after an increase in 2009, producer support in OECD area declined in 2010 and remained rather stable in 2011. In the longer term perspective the OECD estimates of support confirm the downward trend in support to farmers. This report is a unique source of up-to-date estimates of support to agriculture in the OECD area and is complemented by individual chapters on agricultural policy developments in OECD countries.

English Also available in: French

Evaluation of developments in agricultural policy and support

The key economic and market developments which provide the framework for the implementation of agricultural policies and related support to farming sector are analysed in the first part of this chapter. Highlights are then presented of the main recent changes and new initiatives in agricultural policies in 2011-12 in OECD countries. Finally, the developments in the estimated support (using the OECD PSE methodology) are evaluated in terms of its level, composition and changes over time in OECD countries.

English Also available in: French


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