Agricultural Policies in Viet Nam 2015

image of Agricultural Policies in Viet Nam 2015

This review, undertaken in close co-operation with the Vietnamese Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, assesses the performance of Vietnamese agriculture over the last two decades, evaluates Vietnamese agricultural policy reforms, discusses the policy framework for sustainable investment in agriculture and provides recommendations to address key challenges in the future.

The OECD Food and Agricultural Reviews provide comprehensive assessments, according to different angles, of countries’ agricultural policies, including OECD estimates of the level of support; major reform efforts and their potential impacts; or conduciveness of the broad policy framework to generating the innovation that will improve agricultural productivity sustainably.



Executive summary

Doi Moi, or “Renovation”, reforms launched in the mid-1980s marked the beginning of the transition of the Vietnamese economy away from central planning towards greater market orientation. Since then, a long series of policy changes have continued to move the economy in this direction by opening markets, establishing private land use rights, reducing the role of state-owned enterprises and encouraging private investment.


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