Agricultural Policies in OECD Countries 2009

Monitoring and Evaluation

image of Agricultural Policies in OECD Countries 2009
This report is a unique source of up-to-date estimates of support to agriculture. It provides an overview of agricultural support in the OECD area, complemented by individual chapters on agricultural policy developments in all OECD countries. This edition finds that overall support to farmers in OECD countries has been declining. It shows that the decline has largely been due to a narrowing of the gap between domestic and world agricultural commodity prices. The report also focuses on the impacts of the current financial and economic crisis on agriculture, and the policy responses. Agriculture is expected to fare better than many other sectors. It has a relatively smaller financial exposure, demand is less sensitive to income falls, and the existing set of support policies in many countries can dampen the impact of the crisis. Governments are facing tighter fiscal conditions, which is likely to prompt further review of support policies, including for agriculture.

The 2008 United States Farm Act, the Health Check of the European Union’s Common Agricultural Policy and the new Growing Forward policy framework in Canada are also reviewed in the report. A special feature in the report focuses on agri-environmental policies in OECD countries.

English Also available in: German, French


Evaluation of Recent Developments in Agricultural Policy and Support

This chapter evaluates the main changes in agricultural policies and the recent developments in agricultural support. A special focus is given to the implications of the financial and economic crisis and the way the agricultural sector has been responding to changes in the world economy. Progress continued in decoupling support from production, but production-linked support is still significant. There are wide variations in the levels and composition of support across countries.

English Also available in: French, German

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