Agricultural Policies in OECD Countries 2004

At a Glance

image of Agricultural Policies in OECD Countries 2004

This book is a unique source of up-to-date estimates of agricultural support in OECD member countries. It provides a comprehensive description and assessment of policy developments in these countries and contains a special section on the agricultural support in two non-member countries – Russia and the Ukraine. 

OECD Agricultural Policies was previously published annually under the title Agricultural Policies in OECD Countries: Monitoring and Evaluation. Starting with this edition, OECD Agricultural Policies: At a Glance will be published every other year, alternating with OECD Agricultural Policies: Monitoring and Evaluation, a more detailed examination of the topic.

English Also available in: French

Non-Member Economies

This part of the report provides detailed information on the development of the level and composition of support to agriculture in two non member economies – Russia and Ukraine, for which the PSE/CSE/TSE estimates are available until 2003. The information is provided in the same format as for the OECD countries in Part II of the report. However, Part I of the report, only evaluates support policies in OECD countries...


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