Agricultural Policies in OECD Countries 2003

Monitoring and Evaluation

image of Agricultural Policies in OECD Countries 2003

This annual publication provides the most comprehensive description and assessment of agricultural and related policy developments in OECD countries. It presents data on the level and composition of support and protection to agriculture, and evaluates the extent to which countries are reforming their agricultural policies. Special sections are devoted to the analysis of the 2002 Farm Act in the United States and to agri-environmental policies in OECD countries.

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Evaluation of Policy Developments

Agricultural policies in 2002 were implemented in the context of a weakening US dollar and world prices that were considerably lower for livestock products, especially for pork, poultry and milk powders, but significantly higher for crops, in particular for wheat. There were no major changes in the main policy instruments used by OECD countries with the important exception of the 2002 Farm Act in the United States. However, 2002 was a transitional year, covered by both the 1996 and 2002 Farm Acts, but still largely influenced by the 1996 legislation. The 2002 Farm Act will play a significant role in the evolution of United States agriculture and world markets over the next six years.

English Also available in: French

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