Agricultural Policies in Non-OECD Countries 2007

Monitoring and Evaluation

image of Agricultural Policies in Non-OECD Countries 2007

The agricultural sector and related support policies of many OECD trading partners are changing rapidly. This report monitors agricultural policy developments in Brazil, Bulgaria, China, India, Romania, Russia, South Africa and Ukraine following the same approach applied to OECD countries, providing a common benchmark for evaluating reforms and for facilitating international dialogue.  A comprehensive statistical annex containing a wide range of contextual information for these countries is also included.  This book includes StatLinks, URLs under tables and graphs linking to Excel® spreadsheet files containing the underlying data.

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This Overview is intended to first provide a general appreciation of the relative importance of the agriculture sector in the eight non-OECD economies under review. These comprise three large developing countries (Brazil, India and South Africa), four formerly planned economies (Bulgaria, Romania, Russia and Ukraine) and China, which combines some features of both groups. Next, a discussion of the main driving forces for change sets the policy context. The political response to these forces in terms of policy reforms and new government initiatives is then evaluated, based on the OECD standard measures of support (PSEs/TSEs, see Annex A for more details). Finally, some general policy observations and recommendations are offered. It is these last two elements that are generally of most interest to decision-makers – an assessment of different approaches to addressing what are often similar problems and economic circumstances. The OECD experience with policy reforms in OECD countries, and a growing number of non-members, suggests that the effectiveness, efficiency and spill over effects of different agricultural policy measures vary a great deal.

English Also available in: French

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