Agricultural Policies for Poverty Reduction

A Synthesis

image of Agricultural Policies for Poverty Reduction

This book synthesizes the findings of a longer work which sets out a strategy for raising rural incomes. It emphasises the creation of diversified rural economies with opportunities within and outside agriculture. Agricultural policies need to be integrated within an overall mix of policies and institutional reforms that facilitate, rather than impede, structural change. By investing in public goods, such as infrastructure and agricultural research, and by building effective social safety nets, governments can limit the role of less efficient policies such as price controls and input subsidies.



A strategic framework for strengthening rural incomes

In proposing a strategic framework for strengthening rural incomes it is helpful to make a distinction between the short- to medium-term issue of how best to support incomes, reduce poverty and tackle food insecurity (beyond immediate questions of humanitarian relief), and deeper long-term questions regarding how best to strengthen incomes via economic development. There may be complementarities, with programmes that are effective in the short term sowing the seeds for longer term development, but there may equally be trade-offs, particularly with respect to public spending, so it is conceptually helpful to distinguish social policy from development policy.


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