Agricultural Innovation Systems

A Framework for Analysing the Role of the Government

image of Agricultural Innovation Systems

This report reviews recent trends in agricultural innovation systems (AIS) and discusses the impact of a wide range of policies on the creation and diffusion of innovation in the agricultural and agrifood sector. It suggests a framework for analysing the role of governments in fostering increased innovation, with a view to helping to identify practical actions that governments could take to improve productivity growth, sustainable use of resources, and resilience to future market developments in national and global agriculture and agri-food systems.

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Agricultural Innovation Systems (AIS) are key to improving the economic, environmental and social performance of the agri-food sector. The long-term positive impact of agricultural research and development (R and D) on productivity growth is well established, and technologies and practices can help improve the sustainability of natural resource use. In recognition of their potential contribution to challenges facing the agri-food sector, AIS are the subject of renewed attention from policy makers.

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