Agricultural and Fisheries Policies in Mexico

Recent Achievements, Continuing the Reform Agenda

image of Agricultural and Fisheries Policies in Mexico

This report analyses the effects of Mexico’s ambitious reforms to agricultural and fisheries policies since 1990 and makes recommendations for further reforms. The evaluation is based on criteria for good agricultural and fisheries policy as agreed to by OECD countries. Such criteria, if implemented, would support economically healthy sectors that contribute to the wider economy, respect natural resources and use inputs effectively without resorting to distorting subsidies.

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Review of fisheries management performance since 1990

As discussed in Chapter 10, there have been several changes in policy direction since that period with increasing emphasis on resource sustainability as well as industry development. Today, CONAPESCA has the responsibility for setting management measures, monitoring compliance with the measures, evaluating the success of the management, and proposing alternative strategies. This chapter reviews the effectiveness of fisheries management since 1990. This is done with reference to the types of management instruments that are used in wild capture fisheries, the current status of the key fish stocks, changes in stock status in recent years, and the enforcement of regulations. Key issues that are addressed are measures to control fishing effort (particularly with respect to the artisanal fleet), stock recovery planning, fisheries management plans, the choice of management instruments, and the adequacy of stock assessment and socio-economic analysis.


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