Agricultural and Fisheries Policies in Mexico

Recent Achievements, Continuing the Reform Agenda

image of Agricultural and Fisheries Policies in Mexico

This report analyses the effects of Mexico’s ambitious reforms to agricultural and fisheries policies since 1990 and makes recommendations for further reforms. The evaluation is based on criteria for good agricultural and fisheries policy as agreed to by OECD countries. Such criteria, if implemented, would support economically healthy sectors that contribute to the wider economy, respect natural resources and use inputs effectively without resorting to distorting subsidies.

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Background on agriculture and the rural economy

Mexico’s agricultural sector is characterised by positive economic growth that is slower than the growth of the wider economy, great disparities in farm types from subsistence to highly commercialised, and inefficient use of some natural resources such as land and water. Economic development in rural areas of Mexico is a critical priority, but also an enduring challenge that has thwarted decades of efforts. Extreme poverty is mainly found in rural areas — a reflection that such areas are disconnected from commodity, financial and labour markets, as well as of low productivity and a lack of public services such as education


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