Advancing the Aquaculture Agenda

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Aquaculture now provides more than 50% of the global supply of fisheries products for direct human consumption. This conference proceedings addresses key policy challenges of the aquaculture sector. Policy makers, academics, industry representatives, NGOs and international organisations gathered to discuss the critical economic, environmental and social aspects of aquaculture.  This publication presents a selection of key issues covered by the workshop and includes a large number of country case studies, which provide specific examples of national approaches to aquaculture management.




Chile: Experiences in controlling sea lice

Caligus rogercresseyi, a marine copepod found in Chilean waters, is a native parasite which has been transmitted to farmed species such as salmonids. In Chile, this parasite remained under control until the end of 2006, when the threshold of infestation was about the five adult Caligus/fish. This ration grew exponentially in the following year, reaching 34 adult Caligus/fish per site. Following this, for general diagnosis and monitoring purposes, SERNAPESCA implemented the sea lice surveillance program that includes an Annual General Diagnosis by Cage of Caligidosis (DGJA) and biweekly monitoring.


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