Urban Renaissance: Glasgow

Urban Renaissance: Glasgow

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09 Dec 2002
9789264199378 (PDF) ;9789264199361(print)

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This urban renaissance review of Glasgow looks back over the 1990s, when a succession of strategic initiatives and major events brought regeneration to several key parts of the city, including along the banks of the Clyde, and helped lift investment and activity.  This book provides a policy tool kit for Glasgow, with the aim of improving the distressed urban areas that are holding the city back.

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Table of Contents

Preface by Andy Kerr
Analytical Framework
Part I. The Urban Renaissance in Glasgow
Part II. Delivering Change
-Delivering Economic Development
-Tackling Social Exclusion
-The Glasgow Alliance
Part III. The River Clyde
-A Strategy for the River
-A Sustainable Future
Part IV. An Urban Renaissance City
-A Renaissance City
Part V. Selection of Expert Papers
-OECD Symposium in Glasgow by Charles Gordon
-Glasgow - A Tale of Two Cities by Ron Culley
-Summary of an Address to the OECD Glasgow Seminar by Don Aitkin
-The Development of Territorial Capital: Social Transformation of the City of Barcelona by Mireia Belil
-Infrastructure, Public Transport, and Urban Regeneration: Reflections on Sustainability and Swedish Experiences by Lars Berggrund
-Not Just a Luxury... The Museum as Urban Catalyst by James M. Bradburne
-Glasgow's Urban Renaissance by Bob Downes
-Making Big Shifts in Housing Assistance - Lessons from New Zealand by Michael Lennon
-Urban Governance and Urban Competitiveness: European Trends by Michael Parkinson
-Imagineering Cities: Creating Future Perspectives for Present Planning by John Ratcliffe
-Laganside - A Billion Dollar Achievement! by Michael Smith
-Universities and Regeneration by Rick Trainor and Pauline Forrester

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