Urban Renaissance: Canberra

Urban Renaissance: Canberra

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19 June 2002
9789264196094 (PDF) ;9789264196902(print)

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This comprehensive territorial review of Canberra identifies strategies and policy recommendations that can help local agencies and actors better meet the challenges they face. It identifies the need for a new and more holistic approach to urban planning and an opportunity for innovative and inclusive public participation in the planning process. Social, economic and environmental policies must evolve simultaneously in order to have maximum impact at the local level - a goal that many cities throughout OECD countries are far from reaching.  
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Table of Contents

Preface by Sir William Deane
Foreword by Bernard Hugonnier
Executive Summary
Analytical Framework
--Cities and Territorial Policy
--Problems and Causes
--Solutions and their Implementation
--The Urban Renaissance
Part I. Challenges to Meet Canberra's Potential
--The Urban Renaissance in Canberra
--Canberra: An Overview
--The City Economy and Labour Market
--Economic Development
--Where is Canberra in 2001?
Part II. Strategic Plannin for Canberra's Sustainable Urban Development
--Spatial Planning Context
--Sustainability and Strategic Plans
--An Urban Renaissance City: Assessment and Recommendations
Part III. Selection of Expert Papers from the Future Canberra Symposium held 9 May 2001
Paper 1. Future Opportunities for Business in Canberra: What Does Business Need to Operate Successfully? by Roslyn Hughes
-Paper 2. Canberra - A Livable City? by John McInerney
-Paper 3. Ecologically Sustainable Development in Canberra: A Citizen's View by Brett Odgers
-Paper 4. Putting the Public back in Participation: Ready, Willing and Able? by Susan Pellegrino
-Paper 5. Future Canberra - Sustainable Outcomes by Colin Stewart
-Paper 6. Future Canberra: Poverty or Participation by Marianne Vreugdenhil and Daniel Stubbs
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