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This series offers analysis and policy guidance to national and subnational governments seeking to strengthen territorial development policies and governance. These reviews are part of a larger body of OECD work on regional development that addresses the territorial dimension of a range of policy challenges, including governance, innovation, urban development and rural policy. This work includes both thematic reports and reports on specific countries or regions.

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OECD Territorial Reviews: The Valencian Central Districts, Spain 2001

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19 July 2001
9789264193215 (PDF) ;9789264186989(print)

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OECD's Territorial Review of the Valencian Central Districts of Spain. It finds that the future of the region in an era of globalisation is uncertain. At a time when producer services are becoming critical to the success of goods producing industries, will the small settlements that characterise the Valencian Central Districts be able to maintain their competitive position? And should they find new forms of partnership in order to increase their capacity to make investments? The aim of this Territorial Review is to provide practical policy advice on how the area can respond to new challenges by enhancing potential opportunities.
Also available in French
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Table of Contents

Assessment and Summary of Recommendations
Part 1. Intermediate Regions: Trends and Outlook
-Chapter 1. Profile and Identification of Intermediate Regions
-Chapter 2. A Mixed Record for Intermediate Regions
-Chapter 3. Factors of Growth and Reasons for Decline
-Chapter 4. Shifting Trends in Intermediate Regions
-Chapter 5. Development Strategies and Examples of Best Practice in Intermediate Regions
-Chapter 6. Questions for the Future
-Annex 1. Regional Typology
Part 2. Regional Audit: The Valencian Central Districts
-Chapter 1. Settlement, Accessibility, and Labour Market
-Chapter 2. The Economy in the CCV
-Chapter 3. Strengths and Weaknesses of the Economy in the CCV
-Chapter 4. Social Capital
-Chapter 5. CCV Institutional Context and Current Territorial Policies
-Chapter 6. Benchmarking and Best Practices: Comparison of the CCV with the 7H and Modena Regions
-Annex 2. The Regional and National Contexts of the Three Regions
Part 3. Development Strategies to Strengthen Local Production Systems in the Valencian Central Districts
-Chapter 1. Policy Measures to Strengthen Local Production Systems in the Valencian Central Districts
-Chapter 2. Promoting Sustainable Development in the CCV
-Chapter 3. Implementing the CCV Strategies by Improving Territorial Governance

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