OECD Territorial Reviews

1990-0759 (online)
1990-0767 (print)
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This series offers analysis and policy guidance to national and subnational governments seeking to strengthen territorial development policies and governance. These reviews are part of a larger body of OECD work on regional development that addresses the territorial dimension of a range of policy challenges, including governance, innovation, urban development and rural policy. This work includes both thematic reports and reports on specific countries or regions.

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OECD Territorial Reviews: Teruel, Spain 2001

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06 Aug 2001
9789264189959 (PDF) ;9789264186057(print)

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OECD's  Territorial Review of the Teruel region of Spain.  It finds that the region is a typical, albeit extreme, example of a low density remote area with an economic base facing serious challenges and little more than its own assets to rely on for its economic development. This book focuses mainly on how the area’s substantial natural and cultural resources can make a more important contribution in a forward-looking and integrated development strategy.
Also available in French
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Table of Contents

Executive Summary
-General Challenges Facing Rural Regions
-Trends in Rural Poverty in the OECD
-Teruel: A Typical Remote Rural Area
-Policy Recommendations
Part I. General Framework
Chapter 1. Trends and Policy Issues in Rural Areas
Chapter 2. Key Policies for Remote Rural Areas
-Assessing Regional Endowments
-The Development Strategies of Leading Remote Regions
-Choosing a Strategy
-Formulating and Implementing Strategies
Part II. Regional Review
Chapter 3. Geography, Population, and Labour Market
Chapter 4. The Economy
-GDP and GDP Growth
Chapter 5. Infrastructural Endowments
-Transportation Infrastructure and Development
-Institutional Framework
-The Road Network
-The Integrated Rail Network
Chapter 6. Assets, Strengths, and Weaknesses
-SWOT Analysis
-Elements of a Development Strategy
Part III. Developing Policy Recommendations for Tereul
Chapter 7. Upgrading Local Foods: Strategic Options
-Introduction: The Core Food Sectors
-Locally Based Craft and Small Food Producers
-Best Practice in Adding Value in Teruel's Core Sectors
-Best Practice in Adding Value in Territorially Based Craft Firms
-The Stock of Food Amenities in Teruel: Implications for Strategy
-Local Market Potential and Economic Specialisation: Implictions for Strategy
-Executing the Strategy
Chapter 8. Sustainable Rural Tourism Strategy for Teruel
-Teruel's Sustainable Tourism Potential
-Towards and Vision Statement: Values and Aims
-Strategic Issues
-Support Frameworks
-Executing the Strategy
Chapter 9. Implementing Teruel's Strategy
-Making the Decision to Act
-Getting the Governance Structure Right
Annex I. The OECD Approach to Rural Issues and Policy
Annex II. Characteristics and Performance of Rural Regions in the OECD
Annex III. Description of Teruel's Natural and Cultural Resources
Annex IV. Supplementary Information on Developing Agri-Food
Annex V. Outline of the Model Agency for Sustainable Tourism Development

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