OECD Territorial Reviews

1990-0759 (online)
1990-0767 (print)
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This series offers analysis and policy guidance to national and subnational governments seeking to strengthen territorial development policies and governance. These reviews are part of a larger body of OECD work on regional development that addresses the territorial dimension of a range of policy challenges, including governance, innovation, urban development and rural policy. This work includes both thematic reports and reports on specific countries or regions.

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OECD Territorial Reviews: Finland 2005

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26 Oct 2005
9789264012783 (PDF) ;9789264012776(print)

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This book reviews Finland's success in achieving balanced development over the past decade and assesses the challenges that it faces in maintaining this success.  Given intense competition in both ICT and more traditional product markets, as well as rapid ageing of the population, it looks at how Finland might maintain and enhance the competitiveness of the regions that are the nation's economic drivers and how the country can promote innovation and entrepreneurship in intermediate cities particularly vulnerable to low cost competition.  It also examines how Finland might facilitate growth in those regions that have potential for development, but so far have been less successful in exploiting their comparative advantages.

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Table of Contents

Assessment and Recommendations
Chapter 1. Regional Performance and Underused Potential
-Major Macroeconomic Trends
-Regional Trends
-Underused Potentials
-Major issues
Chapter 2. Strategies and Policies
-Innovation-Led Policies
-Service Delivery in Areas with Population Decline
Chapter 3. Governance Issues
-Regional Policy Challenges
-The Institutional Framework
-Vertical and Horizontal Coordination
-Citizen Participation
-Future Developments
Annex A. OECD Regional Typology

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