Local Economic and Employment Development (LEED)

1990-1097 (online)
1990-1100 (print)
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A series of reports from OECD’s Local Economic and Employment Development Programme (LEED). The LEED Programme identifies analyses and disseminates innovative ideas for local development, governance and the social economy. Governments from OECD member and non-member economies look to LEED and work through it to generate innovative guidance on policies to support employment creation and economic development through locally based initiatives. See also OECD Reviews of Local Job Creation under Related Reading.

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Culture and Local Development

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21 Apr 2005
9789264009912 (PDF) ;9789264009905(print)

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This publication highlights the impact of culture on local economies and the methodological issues related to its identification.  In particular, the book demonstrates that the contemporary contribution of culture to economic development is not only limited to attracting tourists, but that it increasingly acts as a catalyst for other activities to further develop through territorial clusters.  It also demonstrates the power of culture as a tool for the social integration of distressed people and communities, thus contributing to sustainable development.

Building on recent international case studies, Culture and Local Development shows how public policies can foster culture as a lever for local economic development in terms of partnerships, tax relief, and other innovative instruments.  The book also sets out the implications for national governments in the fields of education and intellectual property rights.

Also available in French
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Table of Contents

Executive Summary
Chapter 1. Using a Territory's Culture to Promote Local Development
-Culture as a lever for organising the territory
-Culture as a factor for business development
-Culture as a lever for social integration
-Can we measure the social effects of culture?
Chapter 2. Local Development Based on Attracting Visitors and Tourists
-Effects, Spin-Offs, and Impacts
-The Relative Contribution of Cultural Activities to Local Development
-Methodological Issues
Chapter 3. Promoting Local Development by Creating Cultural Products
-Culture, time and space
-The trend to territorial clustering of cultural products industries
-Cultural and creative districts
-Identification and statistical measurement of cultural and creative districts
Chapter 4. The Cultural Fabric of Cities
-Culture-based urban renewal
-Cultural quarters
-Art cities
-Measuring the contribution of culture to urban development
Conclusion: Designing Local Public Policies

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