Trends in the Transport Sector

International Transport Forum

1999-1223 (online)
1563-0439 (print)
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This annual statistical report from the International Transport Forum provides the reader with the first available internationally comparable figures on key transport trends. It analyses the transport situation in the western and eastern European countries, as well as the Baltic States and the CIS. The book opens with an overview of the world economy and trade as they affect transport, and then has sections providing volume data on freight transport via road, rail waterway, and pipeline and passenger transport via rail, bus, and car. In addition, it provides information on road accidents. It supersedes Statistical Trends in Transport.

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Trends in the Transport Sector 2012

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17 Aug 2012
9789282103722 (PDF) ;9789282103715(print)

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This publication presents data on global trends in the transport sector with up-to-date figures on the impact of the recent economic crisis. In addition to highlighting major trends in the transport sector, this brochure provides the reader with the latest statistics on transport markets and on road safety in the International Transport Forum member countries for the period 1970-2010 for all modes of transport.

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Table of Contents

Signs, Abbreviations and Acronyms
1. The Economic Outlook
-1.1. World economy
-1.2. World trade
2. Global Trends in Transport
-2.1. Freight transport
-2.2. Passenger transport
3. Road Safety
4. Statistical Information
-4.1. Data sources, definitions and country notes
-4.2. Tables and graphs

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