Safety on Roads

Safety on Roads

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12 Jan 2002
9789264196001 (PDF) ;9789264196810(print)

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Approximately 125 000 people die every year on the roads of OECD countries. In other words, one road crash victim dies every four minutes. The real tragedy is that, to a large extent, these crashes and the resultant deaths and injuries could be prevented.

This report identifies and assesses "best practices" among road safety programmes in OECD countries. Emphasis is placed on those programmes that have been evaluated. In addition, the underlying criteria that influence the success or failure of these "best practices" are identified to facilitate the development of effective road safety policies in Member countries.

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Table of Contents

Executive Summary and Conclusions
-The Road Safety Problem in OECD Countries
-Road Safety Visions, Targets, and Plans
-Road Safety Plans and Programmes
-Road Safety Measures
-Organisational Roles
-Data Needs and Evaluation
Chapter 1. Introduction
-The Road Safety Problem in OECD Countries
-Goal of the Report
-Study Approach
-Structure of the Report
Chapter 2. Targets, Plans, and Strategies
-Visions and Philosophy
-Target Setting
-Problem Analysis
-Developing Safety Measures
-Process for Developing a Road Safety Plan
Chapter 3. Evaluation Methodologies
-Socio-Economic Decision Support Tools
-The Evaluation and Monitoring of Safety Management and Implementation Strategies
Chapter 4. Road Safety Problems and Solutions
-Key Road Safety Problem Areas
-Young and Novice Drivers
-Impairment (Drink, Drugs, and Fatique)
-Urban Areas
-Rural Roads
-Commercial Vehicles
-Safety Equipment
-Emerging Problems and Solutions
-Research and Documentation
Chapter 5. Effective Management for Improved Road Safety
-What is Safety Management?
-Road Safety Management in Different Countries
-Evolution of Safety Management Since 1994
Annex A. Detailes of National Monitoring Programs: Evaluation
Annex B. Planning Process by Country
Annex C. Summary of Safety Management for OECD Countries
Annex D. List of Participants

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