Road Safety Annual Report 2016
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Road Safety Annual Report 2016

The IRTAD Road Safety Annual Report 2016 provides an overview for road safety performance for 2014 in 40 countries, with preliminary data for 2015, and detailed reports for each country. It includes tables with cross country comparisons on key safety indicators.

The report outlines the most recent safety data in IRTAD countries, including detailed analysis by road user, age group and type of road. It describes the crash data collection process in IRTAD countries, the road safety strategies and targets in place and information on recent trends in speeding, drink-driving and other aspects of road user behaviour.


Chapter 1. Road safety performance in 2014 and 2015
Chapter 2. Argentina
Chapter 3. Australia
Chapter 4. Austria
Chapter 5. Belgium
Chapter 6. Cambodia
Chapter 7. Canada
Chapter 8. Chile
Chapter 9. Czech Republic
Chapter 10. Denmark
Chapter 11. Finland
Chapter 12. France
Chapter 13. Germany
Chapter 14. Greece
Chapter 15. Hungary
Chapter 16. Iceland
Chapter 17. Ireland
Chapter 18. Israel
Chapter 19. Italy
Chapter 20. Jamaica
Chapter 21. Japan
Chapter 22. Korea
Chapter 23. Lithuania
Chapter 24. Luxembourg
Chapter 25. Malaysia
Chapter 26. Morocco
Chapter 27. Mexico
Chapter 28. Netherlands
Chapter 29. New Zealand
Chapter 30. Nigeria
Chapter 31. Norway
Chapter 32. Poland
Chapter 33. Portugal
Chapter 34. Serbia
Chapter 35. Slovenia
Chapter 36. South Africa
Chapter 37. Spain
Chapter 38. Sweden
Chapter 39. Switzerland
Chapter 40. United Kingdom
Chapter 41. United States

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This chapter presents detailed 2014 and 2015 road safety data for Serbia. It looks at trends in traffic and road safety from the years 1990 to 2015 and road user behaviour patterns. This includes data on speed, drink driving, drugs and driving, distracted driving, fatigue, and seat belt and helmet use. The chapter reviews Serbia’s road safety strategy and national targets to 2020 and the performance indicators put into place to help with monitoring. It also highlights the most recently implemented safety measures.*

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